eZee Ultimate FAQs

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The Ultimate Plan
  • What is eZee Ultimate?
    eZee Ultimate is the combination of eZee's cutting-edge hospitality software - online hotel management software,hotel reservation system, hotel channel manager, digital restaurant menu, online feedback system, mobile hotel app, eZee Optimus - cloud POS system, along with hospitality services like hotel website with basic SEO, payment gateway integration, domain and hosting, Facebook and Google business page, software implementation & training, major OTA contracting and more. eZee Ultimate allows you to use all these hospitality services for free while charging a minimal transaction fee on your confirmed hotel bookings and a one-time cost for the Visibility Booster Services.
  • How does it work?
    Once you enroll with eZee Ultimate, we’ll guide you towards the configuration and implementation of our hotel solutions, along with product training for free-of-cost. Followed by that, we’ll get your website done. You’ll start getting hotel bookings from your connected channels and website; thereby giving you a boost in your revenue. It's then, that you pay us a nominal transaction fee on the confirmed bookings you get.
  • Why is it free?
    It is pretty simple, we make money only when you make money. That means you get to use eZee's best hotel technology for free at only a minimum set up fee. While you only pay a small transaction fee on the bookings you receive through our software.
  • What if I want to convert from eZee Ultimate to a subscription plan?
    We are very flexible in doing business. So you are free to move to a fixed plan. Just intimate us about it 2 months prior to the change. However, once you move, you may notice a drop in your booking from the online booking system and hotel channel manager. That is because we will not be working on the booking optimizations offered with eZee Ultimate.
  • What is the difference between eZee Ultimate and other plans you have?
    eZee Ultimate is the only plan which allows you to use all our cutting-edge hospitality solutions. Additionally, you get an online listing management service from our experts at a fixed cost. The only thing you pay is a nominal transaction fee on your confirmed hotel bookings.
    On the other hand, in our subscription plan, you pay a fixed subscription fee on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
  • What if I am not happy with the products or services that you are offering?
    Offering free leading edge technology, 24x7 live support and more, we generally enjoy a great client satisfaction ratio. However, due to various possible reasons we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. In that case, even though we don't charge any upfront cost, we don't bind you in any dead end contract and you are free to consider leaving our hospitality service.
  • I already have a website, would you modify my website when required?
    If you already have a website running, we would implement basic SEO for better ranking and increase the number of visitors to your website. As your website would have been designed and coded by other designers we won't be able to work on the design.
    However, if you wish, we’ll happily revamp your website to our template.
  • What if I don't want to use all of your solutions or just any combination of the offerings?
    We offer various technologies and hospitality services and highly recommend that you use all of them for more effective performance. That’s why we have come up with two plans for you. One which includes limited offerings, that is Lite; and the other which includes everything you need to run and grow your hotel, i.e Pro.
  • Is eZee Optimus restaurant software available?
    Our cloud-based restaurant POS system - eZee Optimus is now available for public usage. You can explore more about it here on eZee Optimus website.
  • Is digital feedback system linked with Tripadvisor?
    Yes, it is. Your guests have an option to give feedback on TripAdvisor as well. Although, as TripAdvisor will only accept review from the guest directly and not from any third party, you will not be able to post the review yourself.
  • Will there be customization and enhancement done for our property?
    Customization and enhancement are not part of the standard offering. However, you can get in touch with our support team and they can look into your request.
  • Which are the payment gateways offered by you and what will be transaction charges for payment processing?
    We have a ready interface with more than 60 payment gateways, check the list.
    The transaction charge depends on the payment gateway you select.
    Additionally, many hoteliers enjoy various special rates provided exclusively to eZee clients.
  • Does eZee Ultimate include various third party hardware and software integrations?
    No it does not. We do offer various integrations such as door lock, financial accounting systems, SMS Notifications, credit card processors and more but it can be availed at a standard rate.
  • What do I have to loose if I don't enrol with Ultimate?
    You will be depriving yourself of using cutting edge hospitality solutions, which 22000+ hoteliers around the world are benefiting from. Additionally, you will end up paying a great deal if you choose any other hotel solutions over our technology.
  • Your channel manager is not integrated with 1 or few channels I get regular business from.
    We establish a connection with new channels on timely basis or upon client request. Once the connection is initiated, it usually takes about 5-15 days to complete the integration.
  • How much time will it take to execute all your services and get it running?
    The implementation time varies from case to case. In majority of the cases, once we receive all the required details from you accurately, it takes 1-7 working days to implement the Hotel PMS, Channel Manager and Online Booking System each.
    The new SEO optimized website and Feedback management system can take another 5-15 working days. Additionally, the training period again varies from person to person, but generally can be concluded in 5-15 days.
    None of this is to be taken as the final time frame, as each hotel is different. Thus it can be concluded sooner or can be extended as well.
  • Is there a trial available for all the hotel solutions?
    We have the trial versions available for all our hospitality solutions on their respective websites. Feel free to try any of them.
  • With eZee Ultimate, do I get the 24x7 support for free?
    Yes, regardless of what product you select, our 24x7 live support can be availed with all the services of eZee Ultimate.
  • I am already using eZee solution on subscription, how can I switch?
    As soon as your existing subscription is about to expire, get in touch with us and we will guide you through the process of opting in for eZee Ultimate.
  • Can I get any special price for group properties at more than 10 locations?
    There are no direct discounts available, but we are flexible with our service. Contact our sales department and we can discuss it further.
  • Can you guarantee a minimum number of bookings from the website?
    We provide you with a Search Engine Optimized website which will get you better search rankings. As a result you get more visitors on your website, who can book at your property from the booking engine. However, the visitor traffic depends on the number of people searching about your property or your region.
  • I am already using your eZee Absolute, online booking system and hotel channel manager. Will I be able to enroll with eZee Ultimate now?
    We are quite adaptable with our solutions. You can surely start using eZee Ultimate's additional services. As soon as your existing subscription is about to expire, contact your account manager with your requirements and they will guide you further.
  • What do I have to pay?
    You get to use eZee's top hotel management solutions for free. Post that, you only need to pay a small transaction fee on the hotel bookings you receive through our hotel solutions and a one-time cost for the Visibility Booster Services offered by our experts.
  • How is it possible for eZee to provide such services at such low prices?
    All our hospitality products are tried and tested for quality, functionality and stability. Being the only ones to possess complete package of hospitality solutions, we have achieved excellence in providing quality training and implementation. Moreover, we believe in putting more efforts in offering quality service rather than marketing, thus enabling us to provide hotel solutions at discounted rates.
  • What are the payment options available? Will I be billed on monthly basis?
    Yes, after completing each month we will send you bill which you can pay using credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Is the transaction fee inclusive or exclusive of taxes?
    The standard government taxes are applicable if your payment is in INR, no additional tax will be levied if the payment is done in USD.
  • What will be currency rate taken for calculation of booking value to USD?
    The exchange rates will be derived from www.xe.com at the time of billing.
  • If any guest cancels the booking or is a no show, how will that be calculated?
    Our program calculates all the online bookings received at your property. It will automatically remove the no show booking from the monthly bill. If the booking is cancelled prior to payment, even the cancelled booking would be excluded from the bill.
  • How is the monthly bill calculated?
    We have developed a program that calculates all the online hotel bookings you receive. It will automatically remove all the no-show and unpaid cancelled bookings and send you the invoice for confirmed/realized bookings.